Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's a very fine line between sweet and scary

My best friend from high school went to college about two hours from my own institution of higher education.  She thought that Tom, a new friend she’d met at Penn State, would be perfect for me.  I listened intently while she gushed about all the reasons Tom and I would make a perfect couple.  Of course, I excitedly gave her permission to give Tom my screen name, as living two hours apart didn’t make it very easy to simply meet for a drink to dip our toes in romantic waters.   Besides, she knew me better than almost anyone, right?

And I liked Tom enough.  It’s hard to say through AIM and phone conversations alone whether or not you’re truly compatible with someone, but it seemed as though there could be potential.  We had only been talking for two or three weeks, tops, when the IM chat one day turned to my hunger.  I mentioned a craving that could only be satiated by Diet Coke and Peanut m&ms.  Tom replied by saying he’d be right over, but living two hours apart, I assumed he was kidding and promptly returned to studying.

Two hours later my phone rang.  It was Tom, downstairs, asking me to let him in my dorm.  I was beyond shocked.  Flabbergasted.  When I went down to meet Tom (for the first time, mind you), he stood before me proudly bearing my sought after Diet Coke and  Peanut m&ms.  Under normal circumstances, this gesture would have been perceived as incredibly sweet and romantic.  IF Tom had been my boyfriend or even just a friend I had known for a long time.  BUT he was neither, so instead of feeling giddy, I was freaked out.

It didn’t take me long to realize that Tom also expected to spend the night.  I know this because he said, “I brought things to stay overnight.”  When I told him I didn’t think that would be appropriate (though I probably cited my roommates as excuses, not the fact that WE’D NEVER MET BEFORE), he said, “So I’m just supposed to drive two more hours back?”

Umm… yep.  Precisely!

Tom and I never talked again after that night.  And though I’m sure he meant well, it was just too much.  I’ve been told once or twice that I come on too strong, but Tom wins the blue ribbon in that category.  There’s sweet, and then there’s scary.  Unfortunately, Tom landed on the wrong side of that fine line.

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