Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear Diary 8/27/96: "Yo Homie! Why haven't my prayers been answered?"

On this day fourteen years ago...

Dear Diary,
Christian means everything to me.  He looks even sexier this year than last.  Amanda told me that today when coming out of a class, he said, "Yo Homie!" and slapped hands with a friend.  That is just the thing I would have done.  I LOVE his personality.  But even though I've been praying since last November that we'd have a class together, we have not.

(Note from 8/27/10: I was going to comment on the multitude of reasons this entry is ridiculous, but I feel that would be redundant, as hopefully those reasons are fairly self-evident.  I will say that at the time it was written, I had never even spoken to the boy in question that I claimed meant "everything to me."  Yet in defense of stirrup-legginged seventh-grade me... Christian was a pretty smokin' twelve year-old).

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